Bring Your Book To Life On a Custom Cover

Want something unique and unusual? Anything is possible with digital art. At, we combine 2D and 3D art to create book covers no one has ever seen before. You’re not stuck sorting through thousands of overused stock photos for something that looks kind of like your characters. If you can dream it, we can create it.

What’s Possible

3D art is highly customizable. Anything can be changed or altered. It can be as photo realistic as you want. It can also be made to look like a painting, a cartoon, or any other style. Combined with 2D art techniques, it’s incredibly powerful. I believe it is the future, and will eventually replace today’s heavy use of stock photos. The only limit is your imagination.

Here are a few examples (click on each picture below for a better view.)

Benefits of a Custom Cover:

  • Unique: No one else will have the same cover that you do. The design will never be sold again.
  • Rights: It’s yours to do what you want with, forever. The artist retains copyrights to their artwork, the buyer retains usage rights.
  • Repeat Buyer Discounts: Buy a custom cover, get discounts towards future custom covers
  • Series: Do the first book with us and get the rest of the series at a deeper discount. Our process makes doing series much easier than conventional methods and we’re happy to pass along the savings.
  • Extras: Add-on social media packs will also be available soon to anyone who buys our covers.
  • Free Quote: There’s no cost to starting this process, no obligation to buy. I’m happy to explore the idea of a custom cover with you. You don’t have to pay a thing until we agree on the vision for the project and you decide to go forward with it.

How Much Does it Cost? 

Custom covers start at $500 because of the many hours of work involved in creating unique art. I try to keep my prices reasonable because I love what I do and am also an author. If you’re tight on cash, don’t worry – premades covers and tailored premades will be available soon to fit a variety of budgets.

How Long Does It Take? 

Each cover, just like each book, is unique. Some come together quickly, some don’t. Once we’ve got a firm idea of what you’re looking for. I can estimate time along with price. Revisions will make that process longer, but are often necessary.

Revision Limits: I don’t like to limit revisions and will work closely with each customer to make sure they have a cover they love. However, excessive revision requests will result in additional charges. Things do happen, projects do change mid-course sometimes, which is why this is a process, just like writing your book was. I’ll work with you every step of the way. My goal is to help you and your book shine in a crowded market. Together, we can do that.

If you do happen to be on a tight deadline, one of our premade covers might be a better fit for you.

What’s the Process? 

  1. Tell me what you’re looking for: Fill out the contact form below with as much detail as possible. Include links to covers or art you like that are along the same lines. An inspiration piece is always a great starting point, but if you don’t have one, that’s okay too.
  2. Discussion: I’ll reply to you and make sure I have a clear idea of what you’re looking for.
  3. Quote: Once we’re in agreement on the vision, I’ll send you a quote for the cost of creating the cover, along with a contract of agreement.
  4. Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of half of the quoted amount (via PayPal) and signed contract are required to proceed.
  5. Drafts and Fine Tuning: I’ll send mock-ups and we’ll fine tune the vision until we get it right.
  6. Finals: Once we’re in agreement on the final version, the final payment will be required before you receive the files.

Custom Cover Quote

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