About Me

Hi, I’m Kimberly Gordon, an indie author and digital artist from the Midwest specializing in book cover design.

My passion for stories and art goes back to my early childhood, as does my love of technology. Blending them all together to create something beautiful is a dream come true.  It’s also a happy accident. I’ve used 2D programs such as Photoshop for many years to spruce up my personal photography and web design. I’ve done creative things most of my life, usually with some kind of technology blended in.

Why book cover design?

I stumbled into 3D art a couple of years ago while working on my first novel, Crazy in the Heart. I had paid a well known cover artist a lot of money, and was sent to look at stock photos for my hero. I spent days looking at thousands of them, but couldn’t find anything remotely close to him. The artist refused to even change the hair color on any of the possibilities I sent her. I was told I either needed to hire a model and photographer or settle for an overused, underwhelming stock photo.

“Why?” I asked. This is digital art. Shouldn’t our imaginations be the only limit?

Perhaps I needed to hire a digital artist, but I didn’t know any. So I became one. I discovered that I could bring my stories to life in new ways, and find inspiration for characters I hadn’t even dreamed of yet.  There truly are no limits, especially when blending 2D and 3D art.

My first book cover design for Unlucky Charm, published in October 2016.

My first book cover design for my second novel, Unlucky Charm, published in October 2016. Creating Black Kat in words and art has been challenging but fun. I’m still learning new things every day.

What I can do for you

Self publishing has exploded online. There are now over five million ebooks on Amazon alone. Many of them use the same stock photos and ideas on their covers over and over again.

How do you even begin to stand out?

You do something unique, something everyone else isn’t doing. 3D art is highly customizable. Anything can be changed or altered. It can be as photo realistic as you want. It can also be made to look like a painting, a cartoon, or any other style. Combined with 2D art techniques, it’s incredibly powerful. I believe it is the future, and will eventually replace today’s heavy use of stock photos.

My Portfolio

Here are some samples of my work to give you an idea of what can be done. This is just a small sampling. Anything is possible in digital art, so why not take your book cover to the next level? Together we can create something unique and beautiful just for you.

Speak softly and carry a big frying pan. Or just be outrageous and carry one anyway. They played a big part in my first novel, Crazy in the Heart.

Speak softly and carry a big frying pan. Or just be outrageous and carry one anyway. Skillets were a running joke in my romantic comedy, Crazy in the Heart.

Who is “Llynara?”

Llynara is a character of mine, as well as the online artist and game name I’ve used for many years. It’s unique, beautiful and memorable; something I try to put into everything I create. Readers will finally get to meet Llynara next year in Book 4 of my Black Kat series, Star Crossed.

Coming soon

Affordable premade covers and “Tailored Premades” which can be customized to your taste: options to alter facial features, body types, hair, clothing, clothing, lighting, camera angles, you name it.  Subscribe to the newsletter for updates on the many new and exciting additions to our store.